Look Up, Look Around #4: Bow to Stratford and Back

It takes me 20 minutes to walk to Hackney Wick station, at an average pace (a bit leisurely, not commuter pace), through Victoria Park.  There is a small gate on to Cadogan Terrace to the east that leads to a footbridge over the A12 motorway and on to Wallis Road.  From there it is a short walk to the station.  The area of Hackney Wick is like an island – surrounded by canals on the south and east sides and corralled in by the A12 to the north and west.  The station is part of what was formerly the Silverlink’s North London line that connects Stratford to Richmond and runs across the north of London through Hackney, Camden, and Willesden Junction.  As I travelled east to Stratford, the line passed very closely to the site of the Aquatic Centre designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.  The Silverlink services used to enter Stratford and terminate next to the Jubilee line platforms.  New platforms have been built for the Overground line, adjacent to Westfield’s Stratford City development.  The old platforms will be used for an extension of the DLR from Canning Town.  At Stratford I transferred to the DLR to head back to Bow Church.  We passed the aquatics centre again, this time from a southerly perspective, and past the Olympic Stadium.  Roads and overpasses are being installed to connect the venues and make it possible to traverse Lower Lea Valley easily by foot and vehicle.  Altogether it took me 45 minutes to cover the route – next time I’ll be looking for a route that will take me around the north end of the Olympic Park and pas the Media Press Centre and International Broadcast Centre that are currently being constructed.  In the meantime here are some of the images from my short journey.


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