Redefinition: the Pub

I’m starting a new series of posts – REDEFINITION.  Everyday our environments are changing and how we live, work, and play is changing.  And so the way we use space is changing too.

This first post of the series considers how the pub is changing.  Pub is short for public house and historically, it was a gathering place in a community, where patrons could buy and drink alcohol, meet and share news.  Pubs have been evolving over the years – with many closures (demolished or converted into flats or other commercial premises) or conversions into gastropubs with a greater focus on food rather than drink.  Pubs have to compete with cocktail bars, speciality bars, and themed bars, which had become more prominent since the late 1990s.  The smoking ban has also led to the pub losing some of its appeal.  But we still like to have places in the community where we can meet and socialise.  What might a new pub look like?  How might we redefine the pub?  Is it no longer a drink and alcohol-centric place?  Is it a large, open place or something smaller, cosier, more intimate?  Do you sit, do you stand?  Who do you meet in the new pub?  Who do you talk to?  What do you do in the new public house?

No holds barred, please.  I’m interested in creative, innovative ideas as to what a public house of the future, a community gathering place might be.  Please add your comments here.


3 responses to “Redefinition: the Pub

  1. i’m not sure that there is yet such a thing as the “new” public house. all the old pubs are going bust because tied-pub companies such as Enterprise Inns have set beer prices and pub rents too high. the “new” pub will hopefully cut landlords a fairer deal…

  2. Thanks for your comment tychy. I agree, pub companies and pub managers need to work together better. Is it still about beer and prices?

  3. I’m writing a few posts about what works in pubs and what doesn’t on my beer blog at the moment – no conclusions yet, though!

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