Monthly Archives: January 2010

Welcome 2010

I have thought of 2009 as being the year of unexpected changes – many unexpected events occurred to my business plans and to those of potential clients.  It was also a year of love, with what seemed to be a record number of pairings and relationships confirmed.

I head into 2010 with a lot more optimism and I’m taking my own advice.  I started a consulting business last year and the last quarter of 2009 was very stressful.  I advise other businesses on how to plan and develop strategy – l e a d   w i t h   i d e a s | a c h i e v e   w i t h   a c t i o n s  is my motto.  I help people make decisions, transform ideas into real goals.  Action turns goals into results.  I am applying my own philosophy to my own business and have defined clear actions for myself.  The tail end of December and January so far have been really busy with re-focusing myself on my business and setting out to help people and their organisations.  I will also be developing a schedule for blog posts because I intend to keep looking up and looking around and sharing my stories with you.

More posts to follow and more interesting news about the built environment, sustainable development, and communities to come!