Look Down, Look Around

I am fascinated with the history of the built environment near where I live.  Bow has undergone significant changes over the years.  I had written a post about Fairfield Road a while ago and have as yet to write about the fabulous railway stations that used to be situated in this neighbourhood – in particular Bow Station.

In my studies and research of the railway lines that used to pass through Bow, I realised that the line that is now used in part by the DLR (from Bow Church to Pudding Mill Lane), used to extend north with stations at Old Ford and Victoria Park.  I then realised that the line ran through (or under) what was the Lefevre Walk Estate, which was featured in Faithless’ video for Insomnia.  That housing estate was torn down in 2004 and a new housing development called Heart of Bow was built by a developer Lovell.  It turns out that part of the development still floats above the former railway line.  At the roundabout where Tredegar Road meets Fairfield Road, the road in facts arches up into a small bridge over the old trackbed.  The view of the former trackbed is difficult to view because I would need to access private land, but it is evident the old line passes through there.

Photos are in this set on flickr.


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