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Highbury Stadium to Highbury Square

The new residential development of Highbury Stadium, the former Arsenal football stadium was officially launched on 24 September. Designed by Allies and Morrison Architects and built by Sir Robert McAlpine for Arsenal Football Club, the renamed Highbury Square is a curious and unique development that appears both livable and preserves a bit of the site’s history. The blocks of flats are arranged as the North, South, East, and West stands were.

The grade II listed Art Deco façade of the East Stand fronting Avenell Road remains in tact in red and white. The football pitch remains green and is now landscaped communal gardens. I like this development because it is designed like a community centred around green space and at the same time, you can still see the site’s previous life – it still resembles a football stadium. It probably serves to fulfil some childhood dreams of actually living in a stadium – it is fun and memorable and more importantly is a great re-use and regeneration of a site that could have otherwise fallen derelict or could have become another faceless concrete block, absent of foliage and absent of any joy and pride of living there.

I was used to big, island-like structures for sports grounds, more prevalent in North America, which can be circumnavigated and accessed from all sides and angles (much like the new Emirates Stadium) and so I always found Highbury Stadium to be a curious location. It is nestled behind rows of small Victorian terraced houses, and aside from the imposing East Stand, it is alluded to only by the entrance walkway at the north end on Gillespie Road (through a gap between nos. 115 and 121) across from Arsenal tube station and the West Stand entrance under an arch at 137-139 Highbury Hill. The new design retains a bit of this coziness. Hopefully, for its residents, Highbury Square will be the place for many more wins at home.