Affordable, Sustainable Buildings in London

How can we create nice communities to live in, with affordable, sustainable buildings?

We’re limited on space here.  So one solution had been to build tall and London saw the rise of tower blocks.  These tall apartment buildings don’t seem to have a lot of fans.  The funny thing is, a lot of these buildings would be perfectly fine in a city like Toronto.  They would be privately managed, well maintained, there would be a mix of income types, families, and individuals choosing to live in them.  Why doesn’t it work so well here?

There is still a shortage of affordable, sustainable housing in London.  How do we find the solution to this?  How do we build affordable, sustainable buildings?  Answers on postcard please – for your convenience, that means please leave a comment below.


One response to “Affordable, Sustainable Buildings in London

  1. I think employment needs to be spread more evenly around the UK and not just in London. The local infrastructure can’t cope with any more people.

    When I was growing up (1 million years BC) manufacturing was going on in all the major towns. Cities like Manchester provided housing, employment, culture and quality of life. My mother was very proud of her first job as a shorthand typist at Crossley Motors in Manchester. I’d imagined they were just a garage, but I recently went to the Science Museum there and discovered they made cars and buses!

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